Remark! Living | Who are we?
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Who Are We

We Care

Your community and culture is our community and culture. We instinctively understand you.

We are a deaf-led company, with an inclusive everyday working environment for both deaf and hearing colleagues – we use this experience to make it easy for deaf people who request or need our support

  • We are a unique care provider that use British Sign Language to provide 1-1 support
  • We are registered with CQC and comply with their regulations and procedures
  • We use skilled deaf specialist support workers to provide a high level of communication for our clients
  • We work alongside Remark! Community who work with the deaf community on social activities

Why Choose Remark Living? +

  • Deaf clients feel they are part of a bigger community and are able to participate in wider activities at any given time
  • Deaf clients receive more integrated support – through Remark Living, with added support from Remark Community, peer groups and professionals

We Support

We work with any deaf person who needs support or advocacy to become/remain independent – including those with additional needs.

We focus on supporting:

  • Young deaf people into making a successful transition to independent living
  • Older deaf people to remain independent and healthy for longer

How do we do this?

  • All of our support workers are deaf native British Sign Language users
  • We use advocacy techniques to empower a deaf person’s decision-making
  • We have the hard work, patience and consistent support to make a life-changing impact
  • We unlock opportunities to social events delivered by Remark! Community and other voluntary groups

Why Choose Remark Living? +

  • Each deaf client thrives, builds resilience and improves self-confidence
  • Older deaf people do not feel isolated, they improve their mental well-being and are able to live independently in their home for longer
  • Young deaf people are equipped with the skills and confidence to become successful independent adults

We Provide Specialised Services

We offer a highly professional and personalised service that’s easy for you to understand and choose.

We employ native British Sign Language support workers and the communication we use is simple and meaningful for clients; we are on the same level.

  • Natural rapport and positive attitude we show helps to build and grow trusted relationships
  • We are language-friendly and intuitive, able to communicate in the way you prefer

Why Choose Remark Living? +

  • Our satisfied deaf clients come from very diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of communication skills and approaches
  • They enjoy working with us, and want our continued support
  • We get it right first time, reducing anxiety and stress

We work with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 

We work with the CQC to ensure our services are fully registered and regulated