Remark! Living | Youth Mentoring
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Youth Mentoring

We provide strong deaf role models who can guide and support young deaf adults to make positive life choices. Many deaf teenagers lack confidence and have low self-esteem so we work with them to develop strong individuals ready for adult life.

Young deaf people may experience the effects of social isolation and can become withdrawn from their peers and family. Remark! Living can support their transition into adulthood, help them to learn life skills and find employment through support from a deaf adult. Our mentoring will increase their confidence, and help them develop healthier relationships with their family.

We can support with:

  • Life skills, travelling and budgeting
  • Support young people with life choices and important decisions
  • Support those at high risk of crime or not yet in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETs)
  • Facilitate social opportunities and  meeting of deaf peers
  • Offer information and advice on drugs, alcohol, sex and gender reassignment
  • Support with education or returning to education
  • Support with transition from school-to-college or college-to-work
  • Provide information about the deaf community and deaf identity